Friday, April 11, 2008

My Husband Wish List

I had a very nice conversation today with my bestfriend Joyce over the phone. We were talking about marriage and our husband wish lists. From last year till earlier this year, i was so eager to get married already. ALL my friends knew that. I guess I put too much pressure on myself since my "deadline" for getting target coming soon....4 more months.....And this made me very depressed earlier this year. I had a "just-in-case" guy for a long time. We watched the movie, My Bestfriend's wedding together a few years ago. After that, we talked that when Im 28, and he's 31, and we're both not in a relationship, then we'll just get married. After my last bf, I chose to be more careful and discerning before I enter another relationship. I guess I got so tired of all the games played. So, I enjoyed being single and dating every now and then for 3 years. Anyway, this year, I realized that although I thought the "Bestfriend's Wedding Guy" was a good husband material, I was wrong. I realized he wouldnt be a good least not for me.....So, the major cause of my depression was losing my "Just in Case". You see, I am an achiever. Ive achieved everything I have planned since i was young. I have planned my life too much.

By 21, I left home and was on my own and had a good,stable job.
By 22, I left the Philippines, and lived in a foreign country on my own.
By 23, I finished a course in a university in Japan and found a good job.
by 24, I became head teacher in my school and was very successful career-wise
by 25, I bought my own house
by 26, I bought a car and some properties for my family
by 27, Ive traveled to 27 countries in the world...all places ive listed in my diary 13 years ago

by 28.....I'll be married......

That's what made it depressing! I'll be 29 in 3.5 months' time and it seems I will not be able to accomplish that goal.

After a lot of therapy, counseling, million chats w friends, countless phone calls, tremendous shopping, lots and lots of prayers, and new friends who came into my life these past 2 months, I've gotten over my depression.

Last Sunday, at the Shimoyoneda Spring festival, my friends Gold,Ricky,Yuko and Kaori were talking about me in the room while I was taking a nap. They were talking about my "current lovelife".hahaha. And everyone....not just them...but EVERYONE...friends from all over the world are telling me the same thing.....DO NOT HURRY.TAKE IT SLOW. hahaha.

These are my friends talking about the things i will give up when i get married too soon...hahaha

I was in the same room and woke up from my nap...Couldnt help but laugh after hearing all their comments.haha.

Yes, yes. I know. This is very clear to me now. I will not hurry. I will not plan anymore. I will not set a date anymore(Yes, I planned my whole wedding already....a long time ago........ wedding date, wedding gown, motiff, entourage, songs,honeymoon,venue....everything.....Now the only problem is the GROOM.hahaha).

Most of my friends know that I am a control freak.....I am very driven and very stubborn. If I want something, i definitely need to get it. No Buts, No ifs. I WILL GET IT.....But It's different now. God is the driver and I am the passenger. Ive given him the pen to write my love story now. I am not writing anything anymore. It's up to HIM. If He wants me to get married, he'll pick him out for me.

I know Im entrusting everything to God now...but i still have my wish list. So that God wouldnt have a "difficult" time finding The One for me. Hahaha. it's a wish list. It's up to God to give it to me If he thinks this kind of man will help me grow and be the best person he wants me to be.

My Wish List for a Husband

1.Someone God-Fearing and Spiritual

2.Someone Funny and who i can talk with about anything under the sun 24/7.

3.Someone who will pamper me and "baby" me tremendously.

4.Someone who likes travelling.

5.Someone who shares my passion for some of the sports I like to do.

6.Someone who has a good,stable job who can provide for me and for our family.

7.Someone decent-looking.....not necessarily drop dead gorgeous...but preferably someone who has good genes so that our children will turn out cute! haha.

8.Someone strong-minded and who is a good leader. Im very independent and Ive a strong personality. He must be able to keep up with me.

9.Someone smart. Someone i can learn things from. Someone who can impress me intellectually.

10.Someone who isnt a workaholic. Who will make me and our family his priority after God.

Oh No. There is someone like this out there .....right? Hahaha.
Oh God. Please hurry. Hahaha. No, no. Take your time, God. But not too long.......please? Hahahaha.

Cheers everyone! Would love to know your wish lists!

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meet donna said...

yeah one day, it would sink to your consciousness that though u have achieved some of your dreams there will always be a feeling of incompleteness. But hey, cheer up you're a very determined person. with God by your side,nothing's impossible.

I wish you happiness in finding that right guy.

Cease the day, have fun with your life =)